Originating in the Swiss watch industry more than 120 years ago, Audemars has developed into a multi-national group of companies specialized in microtechnology. Audemars is strategically focused on co-development and manufacture of the smallest, precision electro-magnetic micro-components and assemblies to support the smallest, high-tech devices of our global client base. Over its many years, the company has developed broad experience in multiple technologies along with a highly qualified technical team capable of designing and building custom production equipment, software and automated processes completely in-house. This has allowed the company to establish a world-leading position in several specialty markets by continuously pioneering technologies and processes to machine hard materials, wind ultra-fine wire coils, apply laser technology in novel ways, and perform specialized, automated and semi-automated custom micro-assembly operations of the very smallest micro-dimensions.

Audemars continues to serve the Swiss watch industry from which it was born with various stepper motor components (magnetic rotors, coils and stators). However, the company has since expanded into the medical market producing components for implantable, interventional and wearable medical devices; the hearing aid market producing various telecoil and antenna products; the aerospace market for proprietary applications; industrial and consumer electronic markets producing various motor, actuator, sensor and inductor components; the automotive market producing RFID components for key systems; while also supporting various scientific and technological research organizations.