Co-development of custom components, co-engineering to optimize for manufacturing

Developing custom tools, custom components, even custom packaging… when manufacturing the smallest micro-components, small design changes can make a big difference in terms of reducing cost and improving manufacturability. But often, these changes can be difficult if they are not introduced early in the design process. Therefore, we seek to engage with your design team at the earliest stage possible. When you bring your custom component request to Audemars, our Engineering team will get to work with you to optimize your design for manufacturing. This will involve:

  • Understanding your design constraints
  • Identifying design risks and offering alternatives or feasibility studies as needed
  • Developing a well-defined specification and test requirement
  • Producing early stage prototypes through final homologation parts
  • Supporting iterative development requests if needed to help client develop early stage concepts
  • Development of custom tools, processes, equipment, and packaging as needed to support your custom product