Custom Micro Coil Solutions

 0.5 dia coil with 10 micron wire
Tape and reel SMD coils
Micro-injection molded ceramic coil assembly

Audemars is specialized in providing custom micro-coil solutions for a variety of applications. We have specialized equipment capable of winding ultra-fine wire as thin as 10 micron and producing coils as small as 0.5mm Ø. Coils can be designed with or without cores in a variety materials including mu-metal, ferrites, plastic and polyimide. Custom coil solutions can be developed with lead configurations for manual assembly or surface-mount SMD coils delivered in Tape and Reel to allow for PCBA using automated reflow processes. Our micro-coils can be wound using copper, silver, gold or other special alloy wires. Multiple coating, over-molding, packaging and testing options are possible.

Leveraging on our custom equipment/automation capabilities, we can develop custom equipment and tooling to integrate winding, assembly and test (electrical and optical measurement) in fully automated and semi-automated processes to produce:

  • Watch coils (stepper motor)
  • Micro antenna coils
  • Micro actuator coils
  • Micro air coils
  • Micro voice coils
  • Micro inductor coils
  • Custom SMD coils
  • Your custom requirement…