Privacy policy

Privacy and Data Use Policy

1. R. Audemars SA respects the privacy of every subject accessing to this website.
2. Any data transmitted to us (including your name, your address, your phone number and your e-mail address) will be used exclusively for the purpose of responding to your inquiries.
3. By access to this website information about your access (date, time, pages visited) may be saved on our server. These data will be used exclusively for statistical purposes. Analysis will be done in an anonymous form.
4. If you send us an e-mail, your e-mail address and your personal data shall only be used for the individual correspondence with you.
5. By accessing to this website certain data (usually called “cookies”) may be saved on your computer. These cookies do not contain any personal data. These data facilitate the use of this website. If you like you can prevent the storage of these data on your computer or delete it (please refer to your browser’s documentation).
6. All personal data will be saved only as long as needed for the mentionned purposes. R. Audemars SA does not transmit any data to third parties unless you authorise us to or unless we would be obliged to do so by law. We take precautions to prevent abuse of personal data.
7. If you communicate with us by using e-mail (or the form on this website) the data transmission may not be encrypted. This applies also to our answer by email. In these cases the confidentiality is not guaranteed. As emails are passed over many computers, a third party access may be possible. Hence unencrypted emails are not suitable for transmitting confidential data and we discourage their use for such purposes. If you contact us by email, we assume you understand the risk of electronic communications and you authorise us although to communicate this way.
8. If you have any questions concerning our data treatment please contact our office.

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