Fitting the strongest force in the smallest, most precise dimensions – even smaller than 0.5mm! Audemars is highly specialized in the execution of permanent magnets of the smallest dimensions and tightest tolerances using the highest quality Neodymium (NdFeB) and Samarium-Cobalt (Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17) materials.

Thanks to Audemars custom equipment/automation capabilities, Audemars has developed proprietary processes enabling forms and tolerances that are unmatched in volume production!

  • Thru-hole (L<20mm) and blind-hole cylinders with highest concentricity available
  • Micro-holes as small as 0.15mm
  • Ultra-thin wall cylinders
  • Disks, rings, cylinders and rectangular prisms
  • Complex profiles and forms

Machining the smallest micro-magnets requires the highest quality materials. As a result, Audemars has developed unique knowledge of the best materials for micro-magnet machining and maintains close relationships with the leading suppliers of Neodymium and Samarium-Cobalt. We can propose preferred materials but are free to work with any high-quality material specified by our clients.

We offer a variety of coatings and processes depending on material and application.

Audemars is a producer of custom products. However in some cases, we may have surplus micro-magnet and micro-coil products available. Please check our Surplus Inventory List below or contact us for more information regarding surplus items which may remain in stock.