What is “micro”?

Micro-injection molded ceramic coil assembly
micro rotor for watch application
0.5 dia coil with 10 micron wire
micro magnet cylinders and disks

Micro is defined as extremely small.

But what does this mean in reference to micro-components? When seen at a human scale (above) and then closeup (left) you gain some perspective of what “micro” means to Audemars:

  • A micro-ceramic assembly less than 4mm in length with two precisely positioned micro-coils (Ø 1.2mm)
  • A micro-rotor with a gold coated micro-magnet (Ø 1.4mm) laser welded to a precise pinion in a fully automated process
  • A micro-coil (Ø 0.5mm) wound using 10 micron wire (note: human hair ≈ 100 micron!)
  • A micro-magnet disk (Ø 0.5mm x 0.19mm) executed in Sm2Co17 or cylinder (Ø 0.22 mm) executed in NdFeB

These are just some of the many examples of the small things that make a BIG difference when you trust Audemars with your micro-component needs.