Building the state-of-the-art today, based on over a century of experience

Audemars works in the smallest micro-dimensions and tightest tolerances. We use the highest quality commercially available equipment but often find that we must go beyond its standard capabilities. This can mean custom modifications, custom tooling, or even complete “in house” development of custom equipment. The company has a multi-skilled team of specialists that can modify, integrate or “build from scratch” specialized, multi-functional equipment and tools to:

  • Machine hard materials (includes development of custom machine tools)
  • Custom wind ultra-fine wire
  • Laser weld and laser cut
  • Automate loading, unloading and mechanical assembly steps
  • Automate glue dispensing and curing
  • Automate optical and electrical controls
  • Assemble magnetic rotors (laser weld or glued)

Designed in house, fabricated in house, PLC/SW programmed in house… all to support the most demanding requirements of our valued clients.